Problem with Task Shedule


I have a problem when i task Schedule is executing.

The task is like this

Property Value
Frequency Interval; 8m
auto-start true
Log Level WARN
Last submission Wed Dec 27 10:41:26 COT 2006
Next submission Wed Dec 27 10:49:26 COT 2006
Total submissions 1381
Status Running

The problem is that the task dont execute when the next submission Says it stops and newer again executes, we have to restart the task Schedule.

Can you help me with that.

Thanks a lot for your help.


Hi Carlos,

Could you post the portalsconfig.xml file located in the root directory of the application server or Tomcat where the Web application is running? If you could also post the log of that server, that would be helpful as well.

What version of the Product are you running?

It isn’t possible for me to make any additional comments on this without knowing this information. The Portal should be working fine with what I see in your post. In fact, the statistics of the portal indicate the sequence was initiated (submitted) already 1381 times.


Hi matthew.

The problem is that sometimes the schedule gets stuck, and do run.

I will send you the portal configuration file and the server log.

Thanks for your help.

Carlos (47.8 KB)

Hi Carlos,

I have been looking over the portal configuration and log you sent. I am unable to find any issues in the configuration but the log depicts an out of memory situation in one of the component factories when trying to process an incoming SOAP request.

This indicates to me that your system is regularly under a high load. If this is the case, the retry logic of your scheduler portal (100/2s) is perhaps not long enough to account for the Component Factory not being available.

This should not however prevent the task from running again. I think you may have run across a bug in the implementation.

I suggest you provide the information you provided me to Software AG Support via ServLine24 and proceed with this through them.