Hands on lab environment deleted for cumulocity iot training, need extension to do hands on

I am not able to logon this environment(env576370), because it is deleted and not able to request new environment to do hands on lab for cumulocity iot training

Please help me to access this environment

Hi Gondela,

what is the exact name of the training you attended? Maybe @Anne_Pilatus-Keller1 can help out, depends on the training name and offering of course.


I have enrolled following course on 30th sep 2022 and hands on lab environment assigned to do practice, but due to other work I haven’t gone through training till Nov 1st. When I try to login hands on lab assigned to me on Nov 1st then it is giving error environment disabled. I have completed course without doing hands on lab. Now I required that environment to do hands on
Cumulocity IoT Basic (E234A-7BE)

Hi Gondela,

I assume that your FreeTrial tenant has been disabled - you should have received a message saying that your FreeTrial tenant will be disabled. As fas as I know the free trial tenant is available for 30 days. The mail should include information how to extend the duration of your free trial. Can you please have a look whether you received such a mail?
Or you can ask for another Free Trail tenant.


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Hi Anne,
Yes , I received following email


Your free trial of Cumulocity IoT associated with the cloud name env576370 has been deleted along with any data related to that tenant.

You are still able to log in to your Software AG Cloud account at env576370.softwareag.cloud, and if you want to start a new trial of Cumulocity IoT or another product, we encourage you to do so from your My Cloud home page.

If you would like to give us feedback on your trial experience or start a subscription, and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Thanks again for your interest in Cumulocity IoT,

The Software AG Cloud Team

When I am trying to request new tenant from software AG cloud then I am getting following error
You already have a Cumulocity IoT Free Trial, or you have triggered the process of starting or stopping a Cumulocity IoT Free Trial. Please check and try again later.

Hi Gondela,
I reached out to our support team. This is the answer they sent back to me:
This tenant is deleted in the meantime by an automated script. Unfortunately, it is no more available.
Can you please try again to ask for a free trial tenant. In case of still having problems, please let me know.
Sorry for the complications, best regards, Anne

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Thanks Anne, I have requested new tenant and able to logon.

Hi Gondela,
perfect. Thanks for letting me know.
Kind regards, Anne