GS Envelope Segment: GS02 and GS03 Field Issue

Hi everyone

Below issue occurred after migrated to 10.3

In 10.3,

I’m getting GS02 and GS03 values as Sender and Receiver unique partnerID values respectively instead of Sender’s & Receivers External ID values.






Instead of external ID values for those partners , getting those partners unique partnerID…

How to fix this?

Hi Mohammed, Did you get a fix for this? Had you created any ticket with SAG on this?

Hi Hemachandra Kanakagiri,

We have overwritten the GS 02 & GS03 values in the code itself.

Have not raised any ticket to SAG.

But I believe that, there must be some fix for this issue…

If I find any TN related fix, I’ll let you know.