Git: Missing package contents after Create Local Service Development Project

What product/components do you use and which version/fix level?

webMethods 10.5.

Are you using a free trial or a product with a customer license?

product with a customer license.

What are trying to achieve? Please describe in detail.


I am having a problem when i try to add my package to git after clicking the Local Service Development Project in the Package, The contents of the package is missing (refreshed /restart it a lot of times).
Also, the package I have created doesn’t have (mainly flow.xml, node.ndf, node.idf) in the package (under /ns-folder).

Thank you.

Have you created atleast a single folder and/or service in the package?

flow.xml and node.ndf are added for a flow service, so you need to have one, to see these files. Now, Flow services can only be created under an existing folder inside a package, so you need a folder first.

If you are already familiar with wM and you had assets inside the package which then disappeared, then you may have a genuine issue which needs further investigation.


Yes I had many folders and services in the package.

Where is Git working directory specified? Can you see the package contents over there ?

Creating a local development package requires, contents of packages are moved to Git working directory and replace the same package in I.S as a link to the working directory content of the repository.

Please check Designer error log as well. Generally, if Designer process has write access to the Git working repo location and also the I.S packages location, the problem does not arise. Please check your setup and share any other findings as you see.

thanks for the awesome information.

First, thank you for your reply.

Yes, i see the package content in git repository.
But i have an error log:

java.nio.file.FileSystemException: C:\SoftwareAG\IntegrationServer\instances\default\packages\TEST: Le client ne dispose pas d’un privilège nécessaire.

	at sun.nio.fs.WindowsException.translateToIOException(
	at sun.nio.fs.WindowsException.rethrowAsIOException(
	at sun.nio.fs.WindowsException.rethrowAsIOException(
	at sun.nio.fs.WindowsFileSystemProvider.createSymbolicLink(
	at java.nio.file.Files.createSymbolicLink(

I think privileges are missing, do you have any idea ?

Thank you

Are the latest available and applicable fixes installed for this Local Service Development 10.5 setup ? Since stack-trace seems dated, would recommend to crosscheck and apply latest fixes.
If that still does not solve the issue (which should not be the case), you could always launch Designer with “Run as Administrator” option, so that the process has write privilege to I.S packages directory (by force).

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