Using Designer 9.12 and Git

I have the eGIT pluggin and under the Git Repositories I have cloned a remote repo to create a local one, all good. In my structure under the local repo, I check out a branch again, all good.

Situation 1
I create a new package on my local dev environement (9.12) and want this refelct in the Git Repo so I choose “Create Local Service Development Project” and select the repository and path in the “configure Git Repository” popup dialogue and it now appears in the repository under the working tree. In my designer and IS however, the paclkage remains in name only.
Q: Is there a way to have both worlds i.e. not have the package removed from the IS after doing a CLSDP?

To get the package back I now have to perform a “Move Project to IS Package” in the package explorer and then notice it has been removed from my Working Tree in Git:
Q: Does this mean its no longer in Git and I’m exposed if I delete the package from my local IS?

I modify my service and now want to commit it to my local repo.
Q: What is the best way to do this?

When I click on “team” in the package navigator and the package explorer i get repo based commands which are not related to may package and there doesn’t appear to be any commands to write my package to the repo which still shows no evidence of my package. The “add to index” doesn’t appear to do anyhting at all

If a save everything and then restart my Designer and then choose team when my package is selected I none of the previous Git options appear however I do get “Share Project” when in the package explorer. If I’m in the package navigator, i get CLSDP again.
Q: what should I be doing?

If I choose “Share Project”, the package remains on my IS and designer plus it is updated in the repo (or at least i think so)
Q: Id this really how its all supposed to hang together with Git?

Previously I had used SVN and advocated the use of SVN with many clients but I with Git and the CLDSP I am having all sort of issues. Does anyone have a smoother process for workin with Git?

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I have same questions. I have seen some posts where it seems that git needs entire repo to be cloned - which may mean that entire “packages” folder need to be synced.
if someone is successfully using git with IS and can share notes, it will be great.

You could manage the packages as individual repositories.

  1. Right click on the package you want to check into git, and select “Create Local Service Development Project”.
  2. Choose “Git” and click “Next” on the popup diagram.
  3. Check “Use or create repository in parent folder of project” checkbox, click the “Create Repository” button, then click “Finish”.

Now you got local repository settled, and just configure remote for this repository as usual.


I ran into the same issue today. I then installed the latest Service Development fix for Designer and I was happy to see that the issue is resolved. Now, when I convert my package to a local project and select the folder inside my Git repository where I want the package to be moved, the package still gets moved but the plugin automatically creates a symbolic link to the Integration Server packages directory.

Give it a shot if you haven’t already.



I am struggling with the same issue. The Git integration is not seamless and error prone. The feature that you mentioned seems to be ideal for the issue. In fact, i was thinking of doing similar thing.

I have installed the latest fix for 912 designer. However, I am not seeing the feature that you mentioned. Do you have a fix ID that i can use to check some release notes?

Local service development feature version is

Appreciate your help!



The fix that seemed to do the trick for me was “Service Development Plug-in to Designer 9.12 Fix 8”. I also happen to have “Designer 9.12 BPM Fix 5” installed.

Do you have the checkbox “Move project to Integration Server package as a linked resource” checked under Windows > Preferences > Software AG > Service Development > Local Service Development? If not, please check this box. In fact, I have both check boxes checked.

If that doesn’t solve the issue for you, you can try the following:

(1) Start Designer as an Administrator. Perhaps the creation of the symlink is failing due to permissions.
(2) Start Designer with a -clean option. This option has helped me in the past when installing (or re-installing) plugins and fixes.
(3) Start Designer and point to a new workspace. This is less likely to help but I have run into issues with Eclipse in the past that were resolved by simply pointing to a pristine workspace.

If none of this works, then create a support ticket.

Good luck,