Getting Error webMethods Installtion in Linux

Hello Everyone,

When I am running softwareag installer I am getting below error. Kindly help me .

java -jar SoftwareAGInstaller20160415.jar

The java located at /usr/lib/jvm/java-1.7.0-openjdk- has a version of 1.7.0_75 which only supports classes up to major.minor version 51.0. However, you must execute the installer with a java that supports classes with a major.minor of at least 52.0. The installer is exiting.

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which vesion of wM you are trying to install. Which java version do you have in your system. Please make sure you have right version of JRE.


Hi Mahesh,

most likely you will require Java 8 to operate SoftwareAGInstaller20160415.jar

If you dont have a graphical output available on your linux you can add the “-console”-option for getting text based output.


Hi All,

Java Version:-

java -version

java version “1.7.0_75”
OpenJDK Runtime Environment (rhel- u75-b13)
OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (build 24.75-b04, mixed mode)

I am trying to install 9.9 version of software AG.

I already updated JDK version "jdk-8u91-linux-x64.rpm " but when i check the version of java ,it still showing the older version. Kindly help me any one in this issue.

Thanks and Regards

If you install using a .rpm file, you don’t have to set the path in few config files. It will be taken care during the installation. If you have used any other mode of installing java, you need to modify few config files manually. You can google to find those steps.

on the other hand, to work around the current situation in a simple way, instead of just saying java, you can provide the full path of your latest jdk installation install location…


Your path is pointing to lower version. You can set the path to point latest JRE and then try to install.

Below is the syntax:

export PATH=$PATH:/path/to/dir
This works, however each time I exit the terminal and start a new terminal instance, this path is lost, and I need to run the export command again.

To maintain permanent:

You need to add it to your ~/.profile file.

export PATH=$PATH:/path/to/dir