Getting access to database


while trying to get access to an external database with webMethods Designer, RecoverJointTimers throws an ISRuntimeException that says the system is unable to connect to database. But if i navigate to “Preferences > Software AG > Process Development > Process Audit Database” to test the connectivity, i can successfully connect to the database. (With both, selecting “Use database parameters” and “Use IS JDBC pool parameters”. What are the main differences between this variants btw?)

Furthermore a checkDBSQL error is thrown by java.sql.SQLException. The system says there’re invalid object names ‘PRTTIMERENTRY’ and ‘WMGENERATIONRECEIPT’. What does it mean? (I only use one quite simple sql query btw) Can the connection problem result from this sql error? Because the system advises me to check the database connectivity in my preferences…

Thank you for your answers!


About the differences on options provided under Database Connectivity :

  1. DB parameters: You can connect any standalone DB directly by providing the URL of this DB server and credentials required for the connectivity. This DB connection may not necessarily be linked to your IS.

  2. Integration Server JDBC pool: If you use this option, it will directly connect to the Database to which u have already connected from a particular IS (via connection pooling).

If you have the connection pooling is done on IS, i would suggest you to use second option … if successfully connected, then run the SQL action you are trying and post back if see any errors.