Error configuring Process Audit database in Designer - [SOLVED]


I am trying to connect Process Audit database in Designer 8.2.1 using Integration Server JDBC pool parameters but it throws the following error:

“Connection failed to ‘server’ (XX.XXX.XXX.XXX:5555) - the userid or password is incorrect [ISC.0064.9314] Authorization Required: [ISS.0084.9001] Invalid credentials”

So I tryied to test it from Integration Server UI with the functional alias “ProcessAudit” and it succeed, and also I tryied entring the parameters used with a successful result.

Do you have a clue why is failing?
Should I apply some extra configuration in Integration Server?



As per error message, it seems you were entering a wrong credential in process audit database configuration in designer.

Please recheck.


Hi Rankesh,

I am using Integration Server JDBC pool parameters option from Designer so the values are the ones in the selected Integration Server from the dropdown. The parameters config looks to be fine from that Integration Server because as mentioned earlier the test succeeded but not from Designer itself in that scenario.

Do you have any other advice?

Hi Douglas,

Please attach the screenshot of designer set up page.


I come up with a temporal solution. The problem is that for some reason was not allowing to connect with the credentials used by me to connect to Integration Server through Designer. My user belong to Administrator and Developer ACLs so I do not understand why this is happening. I test it with default users (Administrator, Developer) and worked.

The error message choosen by SAG is confusing, leading you to think that you entered bad user/password when the reality is other. My user and password are not incorrect otherwise I will not able to connect through Designer and perform regular tasks.

In server.log I am getting " [ISS.0053.0002C] Access denied for user xxxx.xxxx on port 5555 → ‘wm-message’ "

Do you know what I need to do to enable my user performing this task?

Thanks Rankesh

Hi ,

You can for other option for database connectivity.

use database parameters. where in u can set the url , username and password manually in this case.

Some times it is throwing error when we choose the second option…


Hi Deepthi,

That is a way actually but that will not be the best choice, let me say you why. If we do that then it means that you will have a unique Process Audit DB configured in Designer for your multiple Integration Servers that you may have (positive in our case) which will be using a different DB for each because you want to have that data in the appropiate DB. In this case you will be needing to change this preference configuration each time you change of server and that is not suitable at all.

That being said, any recomendations?
What are the requirements for an user to be able to successfully connect with the Process Audit DB connection configured in Integration Server through Designer?


Hi Douglas,

All I can think is to update the designer with latest patches.


Suggest you to configure log level to trace and try to find related message.

The Designer uses the information for the process audit database pool to store the process meta data upon “Build and Upload for Execution”, which will be visible in MWS later on.

I never had problems using the informations stored in the IS jdbc pool for this feature.

Additionally the pool needs to be reconnected when the IS is changed as otherwise the DB-data will be on one instance and the package with the runtime implementation on the other.

Therefor I suggest having separate workspaces for each separate IS-Instance.