FTP in Cluster server

Hi Experts,

I have to deal with FTP in cluster environment in my new integration project. Our Production servers are in cluster mode and webservice transaction is handled by third party load balancer. For new integration, source system should ftp the file to webMethods ftp directory.

Can anyone please guide me how to design the integrations? webMethods cluster support for FTP if yes, then what is the procedure to do. Thank you for your help

Mohan Kumar

You need to design the FTP service the way you code any Flow service and migrate the service to both the cluster nodes (that are in same cluster configuration) and schedule a FTP inbound job and select node Any Cluster that way the service can run on any of the nodes and similarly the outbound job if any…

We are not sure how is your FTP setup/env architecture is…can you elaborate where you and stuck and why do you worry about in the cluster env?


HI Mohankumar,

For parallel processing of flat file in clusters you need a SAN, where you have the incoming flat files, which are picked by file polling services on clustered node as suggested by RMG. I suggest to go through the following doc : http://techcommunity.softwareag.com/ecosystem/documentation/webmethods/wmsuites/wmsuite8-2_sp2/Integration_Server/8-2-SP1_Flat_File_Schema_Developers_Guide.pdf


Source system should be configured to FTP the file. Since IS are clustered which server do I need to configure? If I want parallel processing by both servers, how can I design it?

We have two IS which are clustered together & connected to single broker, webservice transactions are handled by external load balancer. OS is Linux.

I’ve checked the Flatfile guide even though I couldn’t figure out clearly. Your help much appreciated.

Mohan Kumar