One FTP server to another via wM - Possible?


We have a requirement to transfer file from one location to another (one FTP server to another) via webMethods, the file size is considerably large and we don’t want to load the file into IS memory at any point of the transaction, its should be a plain transfer via the middlelayer which will act as a client.

We donot want to use the out of box feature of login → get → put. Can we do something like this in webMethods?

I read about FXP transfer , does wM support FXP?

Thank you for the answers in advance!.


See if this helps:

Hi Mahesh,

I did go through that post but unfortunately there was no concrete answer provided there as well :frowning:


In this case I would suggest to evaluate webMethods Active Transfer.

Second option (available from wM 9.5 onwards) might be to use the Build-In SFTP feature in IntegrationServer.
This one is using streaming as transfer mode.


The services pub.client.ftp as well as pub.client.sftp can both get and put files from and to local disc, so you do not need to load them into IS memory.
But Active Transfer is In fact the most easy solution.