Acceleration Transfer Feature in MFT

I have configured the Server to use accelerated file transfer. But its not working optimally. Below are the issues I am facing.


This scenario happens when we try to drag and drop the items in webMethods Active Transfer web client. The issue that we are having is it is working normally for a small sized file say in Kilobytes. But it is taking a lot of time, even to calculate the time it will take to complete the uploading process. It happens if the file size is large (1.4 GB here). The uploading has not even started. No error is reported. Do we have certain limitation on the size of file for an optimum performance? As the maximum file size we practically get is 10 MB or so. Screenshot is attached.


Instead of dragging and dropping the files in Active transfer web client. if you click on Add Files, the Java applet loading failed error comes. After that we are not able to do anything.

The screenshot for the configuration done in Server management is also attached.