Switching to MFT

hi folks :
We are currently using VAN via FTP for B2B transfers. Do you recommend MFT for such cases ? The volume is high but not relatively heavy. Any inputs are welcome.


Hi Sudha,

If you have the licensing cost covered then it purely depends on your current requirements. I have listed few from my understanding.

1.) Do you have high volume of files to be transferred? ( You already mentioned this in affirmative)
2.) Do you have large pool of external/internal users doing the transfers?
3.) Do you have have/wish to do large file based integrations using TN?
4.) Do you wish to see file transfer related analytics?
5.) Do you expect very large files being handled from your system in near future?
6.) Do you want to have a wide range of protocols for file transfers and currently your available system doesn’t provide the same?

See if you can get hands on a trial version of Active Transfer. That will help a great deal to get further insights.
Best will be to get SAG support to look into your current environment and provide a feedback.