Plz Suggest on Flat File access scenerio

Hello All,

I do have a scenerio where Flat Files are stored/posted into fileshare system (every 15 mins) thats residing in some location (say, xyz).

We have Web Methods Servers (version 6.1) both in some location (xyz) and our location (say, abc). All we want to do is: pull the flat files from that fileshare system, transfer through WAN, and should receive those flat files using web Methods located in our location (abc). We are on same network and has access for both the locations. So, What would be the best way to handle this situation and how to process it. (do we need to think of using Trading Networks ?)

Has somebody come across this kind of situation and please advice regarding the same.

Appreciate all your suggestions.

Thanks in advance.

Are you looking for just transferring the files from location a to location B then just plain FTP should do.

If the files are EDI files and you want to process them (i.e parse them , validate etc) then you use webmethods to process them.

You can use File Polling (File Port) mechanism to poll for the files in the shared folder and invoke a FLOW service for each file which in turn can submit to TN as EDI document.

Please refer to File Polling in Integration Server Administration Guide regarding how to setup File Polling port etc.


Thanks for coming up with solution. I was wondering if there’s any particular advantage of using File polling technique n submitting to TN compared to FTP (as FTP is easy to implement, i guess). Also, how about publishing docs onto Broker (by creating Territories since in two different geographical locations) and invoke flowservice upon trigger instead of TN. I was a kinda confused choosing between these techniques n wish to implement the best technique thou. Plz do suggest me on the same.

Appreciate ur support.

Thanks again.