EDI Flat File Monitoring


Currently, I am developing a flow services to process inbound EDI files (ftp by trading partner as flat file)

  1. Read the flat file content
  2. Convert the EDI data into back-end system format (envelope process
    (), convertToValues, etc)
  3. generate FA using generateFA flow service and deliver via
  4. Call back-end system APIs to process the transaction
  5. In case of error
    5.1 Move the EDI files into an error folder
    5.2 Send an email to EDI Administrator with the file name of
    the EDI file with error


  1. Since the FA is routed to TN, while the original EDI files is not,
    Is there any way I can presist the original EDI documents into
    TN, so that I can have a proper trail showing the Inbound EDI
    Transaction, with their outbound FA Status.

    I remember reading something like trackEDI flow services, but at a
    lost where it is

  2. Due to the requirement for me to send an email to EDI Adminsitrator on the name of the files in error (due to back end system APIs), is there anyway if I route the EDI file to TN first, then get TN to call my service using processing rules, and have the name of the file (like using / creating an additional attributes

Thanks for any idea in advance

You should be sending you EDI documents into TN and let TN persist them for you. You can set rules on either the the Envelope, Group or Transaction Set to invoke you custom service on how to process the data.

As for question 2 you may be able to use the file name as the document ID and send that in you email.


That is a good idea.

If you don’t mind (1st project in EDI and TN),can you point me to the flow services / direction / or even documentation where I can find out how to supply the document ID on a tranasction set level (using X.12)

I try post EDI to TN, TN seperates the EDI into 3 documents (X.12 Envelope, X.12 Gruop and X.12 4010 990). The X.12 Envelope and X.12 Group document does have document ID (I assume it is updated by the AddGroupEnvelope and AddICEnvelope flow services). But I see no document ID in the X.12 4010 990 (Transaction set level document)

Thanks in advance

The TN documentID of X12 transactionset will be grabbed from ST/ST02 element.

In your mapping logic set this anything unique like filename_datetimestamp or ordernumber etc…