How to setup FTP in Integration server 7.1

I am new to WM, we have a requirement to setup FTP in our integration server, all our clients will be ftp’ing the files to us and we need to parse the files and store it in DB, on success move the files to archive folder. Can any one help me in how to setup this porcess. Also tell me how the client will be FTPing to our IS.

Before using FTP connecting to Integration Server, please make sure FTP port in Integration Server is configured and tested.

  1. Check on FTP port availability, you will need to login to Integration Server administration tool, go into security > ports, check if the port for protocol “FTP” is set to Enabled=Yes
  2. If the FTP port is not created, you may refer to Integration Server Administration guide, Configuring Port > Adding an FTP Port section
  3. Create and design your own service for the mission you would llike to accomplish.
  4. Create a trigger that waits for “pub.client.ftp:putCompletedNotification”.

There is another thread regarding FTP connection, which you may refer here: