FLatFile Handling - FTP

HI There,

       I am beginner in webMethos. Hope this might be a small question. I got a problem handling a FTP'ing the Flatfile. I read the flatfile document. In that it was written , "When the Integration Server receives a flat file on the FTP listening port, it passes it as an 

InputStream to the service in the directory to which the file was FTP’d."…

does he means we can put a file in the pipeline of a service mentioned in the dirpath of pub.client.ftp? or we can only use pub.client.ftp to just transport a file from one folder(localhost) to another folder (remote machine).

what should we declare in localfile and remotefile fileds of pub.client.ftp?

as mentioned in the document,
localfile - name of the source file.
remote file - name of the remotefile with format “destinationflatfile.txt;application:x–wmflatfile”. right.

but in one of the forum discussion one of them mentioned the localfile as the path of the localfile that to be transferred.

pub.client.ftp services are for sending documents to other systems, not for receiving them.

What the document means, is that when a client application does an FTP put to your IS, IS will invoke your service with an InputStream already in the pipeline. The client connects to your IS, does a cd to the path that represents your service and then puts the file. You do not need to do anything to put the file into the pipeline. Just read the stream and do what you need.