send flatfile was not received via http


    In first step i get he flat file using getfile method. Then post the flatfile to another service by client.http.

[URL=“http://lochalhost:5100/invoke/flatfile/importdata”]url: http://lochalhost:5100/invoke/flatfile/importdata[/URL]

mehod: post
loadAs: bytes
for authentication i gave username and passworld.

content type i set as application/x–wmflatfile

              But in the invoked service the name have a flatfile data and value was null. i want to map the flatfile bytes to one vairable in the invoked service. please help. thank you.


1) create new variable under data/args/ (pub.client:http - Service In)
2) map your flatfile string content to this variable.
3) It will work.

Thanks & Regards,
ArulChristhuRaj. A

What is your invoked service input?? make sure it has node or ffdata(object) input.


invoked service input in ffdata(object) .

so is it possible? to send the byte or stream object as input to other service using http?

Thanks arul.
after converting bytes to string i mapped to the http. now it the variable comes in the invoked service.