Flat Files in trading network

Can flat files be given as the input to trading networks ?

Yes of course, but not directly, they have to be wrapped in XML and submitted to TN.


In case of IS 4.6 it was not so easy, but IS 6 has given built-in functionality for handling flat files. Have a look at WmFlatFile and WmFlatFileSamples packages.

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Thanks for your replies!
I am working in WM 6.0 and am confused about it. My client has flat file as input and I can not change flat file at source site so what should I do? I cant tell my client to wrap its file into xml either.


Yes they can and NO they do not have to be wrapped as XML and yes it’s easy in both 4.6 and 6.01.
see this post http://www.wmusers.com/wmusers/messages/117/1074.shtml