Flat File interface with Outlook.

I am trying to send a flatfile via outlook e-mail. I am running into an error that basically states the the flat file content can not be null.

I noticed in the webMethods Flat file Schema guide for version 6.0.1 (page 81) it states:

“Set the email�s Content-Type header to ‘application/x-wmflatfile.’”

can anyone give me a hint on how to do that?

email receive: See ISAdministratorGuide.pdf

Go to Admin webPage > Security > Ports > Add Port
* select webMethods/Email
* select default package to receive emails (or leave default WmRoot)
* enter email account info in Server Information section
* enter name of Default service eg: MyFolder:MyService
* email will arrive in pipeline as an object called “contentStream”
* use createMimeData to convert to IData object
- flow example
pub.mime.createMimeData (map contentStream to input)
pub.mime.getBodyPartContent (part 0 = header, 1 = attachment)

* See services in WmSamples mime for attachment handling

Some more info:

* You may need to add the file extension to lib/mime.types
* If using MS Outlook Express Client to send email: go to Options > Send and set the attachment type to "plain text"

I had already created the port…

But your second message did the trick… all I had to do was add a line:

application/x-wmflatfile csv in the mime.type file, restart the server and now it works. Amazing the documentation doesn’t include this step… Hopefully someone is listening.

(I didn’t have to make any changes to my flat file flow as it works with an e-mail port or a file port)