Filepolling issue

Hi All,

I’m experiencing a problem in the filepolling setup. It was working fine but suddenly the filepolling is not able to move the file from input to working folders.

The error I receive is “[1424]2013-06-13 16:34:38 MST [FF.0001.0012C] Could not move source file /apps/xxx/input/ to working directory /apps/xxx/working”

Can you please let me know if anyone encountered the same issue. The rights on the folders are properly setup.

What is your IS version?

Any changes recently made to the setup or underlying flow or shared folders file level access?

What troubleshooting you did so far,since you might know very well internally the setup with the file polling configuration.

Did you make sure the folders does exist or if any path changes? Also check the error log expand stack trace and try to get more information if possible:


Though I’ve never received this error but if you increase the logging level and can provide more info on error then we can try to understand the issue else whatever error message you have posted looks quite general issue and may have n number of reasons.

Hi Naveen,

Check for any change in either folder structure or its permissions, disk space etc. Cant guess what might be the actual reason. As Vikas said increase the logging level.


Check whether you having the access to working folder…

Yes that’s the first check to be troubleshooted:


I also faced the similar issue. webmethods version used is 9.5.

Server is linux. I checked on the user permissions and file permissions. File has 666 permission whereas the source and target directories have permisssions 775. Target directories are NFS mounted and i am wondering if this could be something causing the issue.

I have also verified the user-group level rights. The user used by webmethods app has its primary group included as secondary group in the user (abcuser) which i have used to create the directories and the sample file fro movement.