File Polling Issue

Hi Experts,

I am facing a strange issue with webMethods File polling which is moving my file to Error directory even code is running fine till end.
I have setup a file polling port on wM IS 9.12 to poll file from local server monitoring directory and move to completion directory.
The code is having a step at end to generate a different file and push it to NFS server.
For this NFS server file movement, we are using Samba utility api jaba service.
The entire code is working as expected, file is picked up and corresponding file is moved to NFS but after code completion file is moved to error directory.
If I disable the code to send file to NFS, file gets moved to Completion directory.

There are no issues seen in server or error logs even after increasing the log level to trace.
I have already done following checks to ensure I am not missing something:

  1. Try Catch block is well formed.
  2. No error in error or server log.
  3. Error handling is proper in Samba server utility.
  4. NFS service is last step of try block and file is getting generated in NFS.
  5. File polling directories are setup correctly.
  6. content type of file poller is also correct.

Overall code is doing what it is expected but file movement to error directory is an issue to move ahead.

Any suggestion please.
Could you please share how IS determines which folder to move files to.
As per my understanding if code fails, only then file is moved to error directory, but in my case code is not failing at all.


Suggest you add a debuglog at the end of service(outside the try/catch), and make sure it could be reached.