File Polling to invoke a flow service with SFTP Service


I am new to webMethods. We have a requirement where when our CIS Application generates a file(xml) on SAN and I have the file polling pointed to that location and this will trigger a flow service which does sftp of the files to our Unix machine and I ran into couple of issues

  1. I gave the path and I was able to get all the files expect the last one say I have 1000 files I get only 999 files on the unix machine.

  2. If I use the originalFileName in the sftp process I get an error stating file is not found but if I use fileName I get the name that file polling gave it after it processed can anyone point me to the direction that can help me.


What is the actual issue here were you not able to get that last file thru getFile or sFTP get?

Did you first do cd ls and then you are looping the files to get based on dirlist?

when we try to use file polling with SFTP/FTP service,what should be the local file path for a get or put service . Is it processed folder or work folder. If I define local file path as work folder I get file not found exception because the file is being moved to processed folder before my ftp service is invoked. If I use the processed folder I have the file polling appended to the file name and I have to do take care of the file name. Can I control the file life time in work folder. Is it related to file polling interval? Finally is this correct approach using the file polling with SFTP or FTP service . Should file polling better used with services intended to process the content but not the file paths.

File polling only for monitor particular work folder and process the content (ffdata streams or xml) to the processing service and you can check the same config details in the IS Administrator’s guide for more information.

It’s nothing to do with sFTP or FTP methods vs file polling (shared network directory/folders on a mount or any thing that can be accessible to the IS server.