File Polling Error [FF.0001.0012C] webmethods 9.5


I am facing an issue on filepoller. webMethods version used is 9.5.

[FF.0001.0012C] Could not move source file /apps/xxx/xxx/xxx/interfaces/xxx/input/xxx/test.txt to working directory /apps/xxx/xxx/xxx/interfaces/xxx/input/xxx/working

Server is linux. I checked on the user permissions and file permissions. File has 666 permission whereas the source and target directories have permisssions 775. Target directories are NFS mounted and i am wondering if this could be something causing the issue.

I have also verified the user-group level rights. The user used by webMethods app has its primary group included as secondary group in the user (abcuser) which i have used to create the directories and the sample file fro movement.

Can you elabore more on the error details from the logs and check with expand stack trace too.

Make sure the the running IS user has full permissions on the source/target folders to move the file with chmod 777 and mount is accessible to the IS with out any issues.


Also check, any soft links been associated with NFS.


the target directory has permission 775 - only the owner and group users have write access and others have only read/execute. if the webMethods server user (running user) does not belong to the owner/group then it may not be able to write in target directory. can you try after changing the permission level to 776 or 777?

Hi Vyas,

Is your IS running in a clustered environment and if yes, is the Enable Clustering option set for the port? I have seen instances where the files are getting processed by servers in a cluster even though this error appears in the server log.