File processing issue.

For one of the interfaces we have processed file from PRD env and in TN the status it’s showing as done.
but still we are not able to see the file in Sap dropbox.

Where can we check if the file is there or if it’s already processed from Sap Dropbox.

First did you check the the TN setup if the right processing rule kicked off or any errors in the logs you noticed?

What does your TN configuration for the file processing?

Is the file EDI or flat file or XML?

What troubleshooting exercise you have done to locate the missing file so far?


File Name: *.dat
Hitting the right processing rule, no errors in logs.

What do you see in the activity logs of the particular transaction? That will log each and every step right from the data submitted in TN, processing rule invokes, that invokes a specific service or pass-thru’ etc., Issue could be in your processing service as well.


Did you debug/trace the processing service pipeline and what is doing behind the scenes?

What troubleshooting exercise you have done so far?