File received by FTP is invalid

hi ,

i am trying to send an EDI file to our partner from TN thru FTP.
they are receiving the file in their system but it is only showing the following lines int he document


I am sending the proper EDI file - i see that in our MWS

Can you pls let me know what might be problem

Thanks in Advance


can you check the transfer mode for the FTP connection?
Is it “send as text” or “send as binary”?

Check if switchingg the mode solves the issue.

Additionally check your code where you are sending the file, looks like you missed a checkbox named “Perform Pipeline Variable Substituion” somewehere.
Or the variable is just empty, in this the variable name remains visible in the data.


Transfer mode is FTP connection .
Looks like ther is an catch issue.
when i trying from a different server it was working fine

Thank you for the quick reply


Can you make sure the transfer mode is binary and also try with both Active/passive and see if your TP able to receive the editnv_data (EDIdata) appears from the TN service pipeline and examine pipeline doc content also closely and determine on the next steps before invoking the FTP put (bytes or stream).


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