FTP - EDI docs to TN - content type problem


I’m trying to send EDI documents to TN using the FTP protocol. TN receives the file but does not recognize it as an EDI file. The transaction is logged as a flat file (ffile - the EDI “string” is visible in the transaction log). If I send the exact same information using the EDI tool (from the administrator) the transaction is recognized properly (EDI envelope plus the interchange document etc).

I assume this has something to do with the content type, but I’m not sure how I can change that in an FTP client. Is there any other way I could make it work? Configuration etc…

// Mikael

Search for ftp client content type in the forums.

Check out the EDI Module User’s Guide, which has a section on submitting documents to TN by FTP. Basically you set your path to the location of the wm.tn:receive service (\ns\wm\tn\receive) and set the content-type in the file name (x12_850;application:EDIstream, for example). HTH,


Thanks! That was easy once you know how to. :slight_smile:

// Mikael