Extract data from ADABAS with TABLEAU

Hello, I have a query, does anyone know if he can extract data from ADABAS V8.2 sp6 for Mainframe z / os 2.1 with a tool called TABLEAU and if so, what is the procedure to intract.


I don’t have direct experience with Tableau, but if it uses just standard SQL via ODBC connectivity, you will probably need to use a product like ADABAS SQL Gateway (a.k.a. CONNX) to define ADABAS as a data source there to make it look like an ODBC-connected database.

I am sure other vendors exist out there who could so something similar, such as a Trifox Vortex product, so if you have something already in house you can try that.

Just looking through the Tableau site, it doesn’t appear to have any native way to connect to ADABAS built in.

Brian, the company has TABLEAU installed, by license, I hope you can change your mind, since the only way out is to acquire ADABAS SQL GATEWAY, but I do not know if this product can be connected through ODBC.

Thanks for your comment.

The Tableau website says

Databases and applications that are ODBC 3.0 compliant (Windows only)