external ID identification

I have added a ExternalId type called “EAN”, which is used to contain sender and receiver values in two different profiles.as shown below

EAN: send111 (in profile 1)
EAN: recv222 (in profile 2)
When I recognize the edidata object, the profile is not recognized,

But when I change “EAN” to “User Defined 1” external ID type then it is recognized
User Defined 1: send111
User Defined 1: recv222

I want to use External ID “EAN”, How to do that ?

I use recognize and then submit flow.

example of edidata envelope:-



How did you added ExternalID EAN in TN? Using TN builtin service or thru ISAdmin/WmEDI page??

The ExternalId qualifier EAN for the EDIFACT document should work…What is the exact recognition error that you are seeing in the ActivityLog?


“I use recognize and then submit flow” Why are you doing this custom step?? you can just route the edidata to TN with routeXML right??


Hello RMG
When I use routeXML two transactions are created.
first tansaction with user status- Ignored and
second transaction with user status as I defined (posted)
Is ther a way to avoid the first transaction or change its user status to some customized value.


You mean two UNEDIFACT transaction sets or one transaction set,Envelope??Based on your processing rule set for Enveloper or transaction the UserStatus will be updated with IGNORED or DONE etc…This is the standard behaviour for EDI documents.


Hello Rmg

One transaction for UNedifact envelope (IGNORED) and seconfor UNedifact 96 Orders .
In my processing rule I have defined doc type only UNedifact 96 Orders.
Should I have to define the envelope also in doctype.


If you wanted to process based on the Envelope then you can define this in processing rule,but however you are doing with ORDERS doctype it should also be fine…and Envelope UStatus will be IGNORED…Is this EDIFACT document is Inbound or Outbound to partner??If it is to partner then i prefer use Envelope doctype in the rule this will send all the ORDERS transactions in one go.

Also regarding your other post on two IS’s connection with MQ,i agree with Mark’s suggestion using pub.remote:invoke call IS-IS and this way your company dont have burden of licencing MQAdapter module …If they still insists you go with wM MQAdapter connection (Pub/Sub) handlers (IS triggers) might be your alternate solution.