Execption while importing a .gxz file - Applinx 8.2

Hi All,

While importing entities of a .gxz file in applinx8.2, getting the above exception

GXRepositoryNotAvailable Exception. The Repository is not available.

GXDBManagerException: An error occurred during loading entitites from Import file.

Any ideas ?

Appreciate your help


Hi Vamsi,

My first hunch is that this is caused by insufficient memory.
Usually you should see more information in the logs.

If you can see these memory issues in the logs we advise to increase the xmx value of the server.
This can be configured in the “startup.bat” file or in the “GXApplinXService.ini” file when the server is running as a Windows service.

If this is not a memory issue then this should be investigated through the Support channels.


thanks for providing the solution for the problem. After increasing the memory for xmx argument in Startup.sh file, the issue is resolved.

The same is working in Applinx5.2 with out any issues. So i would like to know the reason why it is causing issues in Applinx8.2. May i know the reason why this importing & exporting is creating issues only in Applinx8.2? or could you please guide me how to debug this issue?