Migration from Applinx to Applinx

Hello everybody,

We’ve tried to migrate an application from Applinx to Applinx

The application has been exported from Apllinx to gxz
format. It then has been converted to new format gxar using the conversion tool
convert_gxz_to_gxar. Finally it’s been imported in the Applinx

After importation, the login host service could not be started.
Our analysis gives the following reasons:

  1. The old Applinx Path is only supported in runtime. To modify an old Applinx path is
    should be first converted to the Applinx Procedure Path. Unfortunately, the conversion from Applinx “Login


in general the migration 5.1->8.1 should work fine.

Could you please send the .gxz in question? I was unable to reproduce those issues here with my gxz