Is ApplinX8.1 backward compatible with ApplinX 5.2

Can anybody suggest on the following issue as our client wants to revert the development activities back to ApplinX 5.2 from ApplinX 8.1.
Is it possible to import .gxz developed in ApplinX 8.1 to ApplinX 5.2? Does ApplinX 8.1 give backward compatibility feature to reuse the ApplinX 8.1 components in ApplinX 5.2?

Hi Arijit, We don’t have this kind of support which is actually forward-compatibility and not backward-compatibility, and honestly I’m not familiar with products that do such a thing.
For example, would you think that project which created in Visual Studio 2008 will run on Visual Studio 2003? If that the case VS2008 cannot have new features as they are not supported in 2003…

Regards, Assaf