Problem with importing repository from to 8.0.1

We tried importing application from earlier version of Applinx to (Web and SOA enablement edition)

Import was successfully done, but after this operation are in log more error messages:
Entity descriptor [scr_StdVerwKunde1Fmt] failed to fetch entity - this are screens entities

any advice?
I can get gxz file from 5.2.4

Thanks for any advice


Yes, please add the GXZ, I will reproduce it here and find out what goes wrong.
One quick question

[quote=“Asaf Shak”]
One quick question (366 KB)

I found converter in Utilities folder, then I changed path in convert_gxz_to_gxar.bat and copy relevant files

content of convert_gxz_to_gxar.bat is now:

@echo off
set _DIR=C:\appxcvt\lib
set _CP=%_DIR%\gxserver.jar;%_DIR%\log4j-1.2.9b.jar
set JAVA_HOME=C:\appxcvt\JDK\v1.5.0\jre
rem set JAVA_HOME=…\JDK\v1.5.0\jre
%JAVA_HOME%\bin\java.exe -cp %_CP% com.sabratec.applinx.server.utilities.GXOldGxzToGxarConverter %* -u Administrator -f INAS_FLD_verschl20090214.gxz

but when i used it i got this error:

2009-02-20 08:17:58,125 com.sabratec.applinx.server.utilities.GXOldGxzToGxarConv
erter.(Unknown Source) [main] ERROR >

so finaly convertor works. I forgot full path to write for file to convert. I converted GXZ to GXAR, but when i imported GXAR to new app i got same bad result.

Entity descriptor [scr_StdVerwKunde1Fmt] failed to fetch entity
and more error messages like this

This sounds like a bug.
Please send me the GXZ and the GXAR by mail ( and I will test it and let you know the result.