ApplinX import errors


We are using ApplinX Version 8.0.1 and are observing the below errors during import of some gxz and gxar files.

  1. ApplinX gives Java Heap Space Error when importing the attached gxz file
  2. ApplinX gives the error “Repository Not Available” upon importing the gxar file (Test.gxar)
  3. The Java Heap Space Error is also being observed while saving path procedures that have multiple structural code (loop, if… then… else, etc). Interestingly this puts the Eclipse Designer out of use requiring restart of ApplinX server and work done is lost !

Please suggest a remedy to make ApplinX work in the above scenarios.

Thanks in advance (2.48 MB) (2.44 MB)


1 & 2 - known issues, they will be fixed (thank you for providing the .gxar/gxz!)

  1. Try adding -Xmx1024min (or a bigger number) start-gxserver.bat
    Hope it helps!