Applinx 8 and Access Repository

This is odd. After I convert a legacy 5.2.5 Application to 8.1.2, using an access database as the repository, the Designer has no problems accessing it unless I convert some Paths to Path Procedures. After that, I cannot access the repository anymore. I keep getting the error: “The Repository is not available”. The file has not moved, the Properties Option can access it and list the folder where it resides. It just will not open it anymore. Have you encountered this in any form before?




it sounds like a bug, but we would need to see the db in question to be sure. Could you please send the file?

In the mean while you could try to export the application to .gxz from 5.2.5 and import it to 8.1.2.

Hope it helps.

Hi Tanya,

Here is the RapidShare address to get the file:


In addition to the file, I have sent two screen shots. Applinx8A.png shows an error that I now receive when starting the Designer. Applinx8B.png shows the attempt to open my Application. Perhaps the first error causes the second. But where has the first one suddenly come from? (84.3 KB)


it looks like a bug. Please open a support request.


Thanks Tanya,

I will open a request with Denver, but could you please forward the mdb file to them as I had to rebuild it and lost the original that was bad. I will try to recreate it but it seemed sporatic and not consistent.