Path Conversion Error

I was attempting to convert an Applinx5 Path to a Path Procedure in Applinx8 and received the following:

DataPro:Administrator: Test: Unexpected attribute position type: 5

Where can I find this error and what does it mean?



Hi Joe,

In this case it is a “dynamic variable” position type. Other than that I can’t really tell more just from the error.
Please open a support request and provide your repository and the name of the path that you’re trying to convert.


Please also provide a GCT file, recorded when running the path - this will help us test the path on run-time and make sure the conversion was succesfull.


We have found what did not convert. In Conv1.gif, the If_1 Test condition was never converted. The description states what it should be, but it was never translated. Same for the If_2 Test condition. When you manually add the logic, as in Conv2.gif, the path now works.

Hi Joe,
What is the Applinx version you are using? (We need the exact Hotifx version number).
You could find it on :
Help → About software AG Designer → Click on the Software AG icon

Regards ,

That would be Version: