Paths and Path Procedures (ApplinX 5.2.x)

I notice in the “What’s New in ApplinX 5.2.x” press release (from September 2007), it seems to indicate that navigation paths are no longer necessary (i.e., no need to maintain two different entities (Paths and Path Procedures)). But the Developers Guide (for ApplinX 5.2.3) still teaches how to to these. Has the use of paths really been retired? The last version of ApplinX I’ve used was version 4.8.1 (where we used Paths extensively). We’re trying to anticipate any additional learning we may need to prepare for in order to “catch up” with what’s changed in ApplinX since we last used it. Thanks in advance.

Hi Tom,

In version 5.2.X path procedures are considered to be a beta feature of the version.
The old paths are still supported, however we want users to stop using them and start using the new path procedures. We offer a migrating mechanism which will help you convert the old paths to the new path procedures. Starting from the next major release of ApplinX the old paths will no longer be supported.


Hi - Are Path Procedures considered to be stable in ApplinX 5.25 ? What are the possible issues / bugs / restrictions ?

Thanks in advance


yes, the path procedures are considered to be stable in 5.2.5. Please notify us if there are any issues.

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