Error setting parameter SM

We are trying to resolve a Natural Runtime Error in NaturalONE that is very puzzling for us. We have a structured mode program residing on a Natural Server mapped in NaturalONE that is getting a Natural Runtime Error of ‘Error setting parameter SM’ when we try to execute it. The programming mode for the user library is also structured mode and Structured Mode is checked in preferences under Natural > Parser. We have tried locating other preferences settings etc. but have yet to find the right setting to resolve this error. The same program runs fine when running via the ‘green screen’ editor. Can someone help me find what we need to change to allow this program to run? We have other programs with the same problem so we need to figure out how to resolve this.

What is the error message number?

Programming mode applies to source code, not cataloged objects, so I would guess that your executable object is either stacking a GLOBALS command or RUN-ning generated source code.

On the other hand, ONE-to-NDV-to-mainframe is not vanilla Natural.

The error we are getting is a Natural Runtime Error when we try to execute the module within NaturalONE. It does not provide a NAT error number. We have opened a ticket with SAG and they get ‘Error 1155 during set parameter SM’ when recreating the problem.

Any solution to the ‘Error 1155 during set parameter SM’ message?