Mode Conversion Error


I try to convert some modules from Report to Structured and I received two error message:

1 - Natural Error in RSMAIN-N
Number: 0 Line: 6595
Library: ANOFUSER Program: BANO5B0
Process terminated.

2 - Natural Error in RSMAIN-N
Number: 777 Line: 1990
Library: ANOFUSER Program: BANOG10
Process terminated.

Some times this messages occurs in same modules in diferent executions.

Can you help me?

These type of requests should go via support.
However, a NAT0777 is Buffer Pool full - so I suspect a Natural Environment setting.
Which platform are you executing on and what is the size of the Natural Bufferpool? Looks like you will need to increase it for the processing to execute.
If you are able to send a sample of the code to support then this would be the best process to resolve this issue if it is not the environment.

I use PC (Windows XP) and my BP are 10 Mb.
I will send this problem to support.