NAT6974 Reason 4 and 7 issue

Good day,

I have an issue calling a webservice and can’t seem to resolve the issue.

I have generated Natural stubs from a Webservice. One of the methods returns a large number of records. When I call the webservice via XML Server it works fine. However when I call it via the Natural stub the following error is returned:
NAT6974 - Conversion error on Client, reason 4 ,009 - Reason 4 says that the MAXBUFF must be increased.

So I doubled the MAXBUFF from the current 18432000 to 36864000 and I rerun the program. This then result in the following error:
NAT6974 - Conversion error on Client, reason 7 ,000. - Reason 7 says Increase RPC size on :1: side.

So now my question where do I do that? On main frame there is a NATPARM parameter RPCSIZE, but on the Non-mainframe UNIX environment there is not such a parameter. Is it a parameter or something else that needs to be setup or changed…?

I’ve just upgraded EntireX to the latest version with all the hotfixes as well.

We have Natural V6.3.9 on a SUN SPARC machine on Solaris.


Our group runs Natural 4.2.7 on z/VSE with CICS so I don’t know if our solution applies to you but I hope it helps. We had two different errors on different occurrences with solutions to increase the MAXBUFF size, but trying to increase the MAXBUFF did not work. Maybe the MAXBUFF is only a symptom of the problem, not the root of it.

So, the solution to our first issue was to change our Natural profile and session parameters from using the Broker stub NATETB23 (that has a 32K max send/receive length) to BKIMBC (to use TCP under CICS). RCA=(BROKER),RCALIAS=(BROKER,BKIMC)

(In the case of UNIX, in the RPC-specific Natural parameter file? or Copy the Natural-specific broker stub / from the directory $EXXDIR/$EXX/VERS/lib to the directory specified with NATEXTLIB in the Local Configuration File NATURAL.INI. ?)

Our second issue had to do with variable arrays. Since your error for NAT6974 is reason 4, parameter 9, is parameter 9 a variable array?
NAT6974 - Conversion error on Client, reason 4 ,009
4: No space for conversion to internal format of parameter :3:.
Increase MAXBUFF on :1: side.

If you are using variable number of occurrences (1:V notation) then read up on the section on X-Arrays:

Good Luck!