NAT 412 to NAT 423 upgrade

Are there some undocumented issues/problems with Natural V423?

I know that many parameters and macros are no longer supported (NTPRM, NTCMPO, NTFILE, NTRPC) and others are new, for example SLOCK and WORK above 16MB.

I also know that NAT424 is available and already has more than 15 patches (service pack1).

Does anyone can report about their experiences?

Dieter Storr

Hi Dieter,

Here are the main issues we came upon up to now when migrating our Test environment from NAT414 to NAT423:

  • “NAT6974 Conversion error” in an RPC server. Solution: Set parameters MAXBUFF=64 & ACIVERS=2
  • “Natural FrontEnd error” with SPoD Cics adapter NDV224 (0C1 in the Cics). We opened a request with SAG.
  • "NAT7004