Natural V921

Product/components used and version/fix level: Natural Version 921

Detailed explanation of the problem: Anybody tried to install Natural V921 yet ?

When I tried to install it, it does not work out of the box.

a) The NATPARMS macro NTDB needed to be “upgraded” with a fix , just for it to assemble
b) You can not change the Nat931,LOAD library from a PDSE to a PDS without another fix.
c) an IVP library : Most products these days ship you an IVP library to test all the products. I had to make such a library
d) Proclib : Also made a NAT921.PROCLIB for all the Software AG provided JCL procedures ex. Global Buffer pool, ASM, Roll server, RPC server
e) BPI : Anybody got any suggested BPI parameters ? I am busy trying to standarize the BPI parameters in all the environments and I started with the following. Warning , if you start with SEQ=0, Natural does not automatically go to the next possible defined buffer :

  • These are the Buffer setting for all Natural PARMS
  •    NTBPI TYPE=NAT,               .Natural Global Buffer Pool     x  
             SEQ=1,                  .Primary buffer pool            X  
             NAME=NATGBP01           .use Globale Buffer pool           
  •    NTBPI TYPE=NAT,               .Natural Buffer pool            x  
             C64=ON,                 .Above the bar storage          x  
             SEQ=2,                  .Primary buffer pool            X  
             SIZE=4096,              .Size of Primary Buffer pool    X  
             TXTSIZE=4               .size of the segments              
  •    NTBPI  TYPE=NAT,SEQ=3,SIZE=2048                                  
  •    NTBPI  TYPE=EDIT,SEQ=1,SIZE=256                                  

Error messages / full error message screenshot / log file:

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