NATURAL 9 - NTBPI settings

To the Software AG person sitting in a back room somewhere and not thinking of the implications of the parameter settings :

a) The NTBPI macro and the options as defined in the installation manual

It says, you can multiple Buffer pools defined and if the lowest defined Buffer pool is not available, Natural would automatically use the higher seq. defined buffer pool.

Well this is not TRUE when you are using INPL to load all the initial Software Ag modules for Natural/Predict/Security.

You get an error back that says :

NAT1074 Global Natural buffer pool or the Buffer Pool with the lowest sequence in your NATPARM module is not available
NAT9970 Natural initialization failed due to ITERM=ON ( This is not TRUE because I tried to set ITERM=OFF and the book says, below NAT9970 : You can not set ITERM to OFF if you have INPL on the Natural STACK.

What else ? If you set TTY to 3270 in the NATPARM module, you keep on getting an error back that says the Terminal Type 3270 is not defined in the NATCONFG module, when you try and run Natural in batch.

Your IBM LE support modules in SAG.NAT911.JOBS has also been removed. Not sure that was a good idea