Natural crashes hard while DISPLAY #TAB(*) with >6000 Lines

Hello all!

the following 6 lines of code causes my Natural on Solaris to crash. It’s a normal natural-session on a 80x24 screen.

>> -----------Columns 001 072 <<  Program          Zeilen 6      Name MYUSER
Kommando ==> run                                   Modus  Struct Bib  SYSTEM
****** ****************************** top of data *****************************
000010 define data local
000020 1 #tab (A4/1:6094) init all <'X'>
000030 end-define
000050 display notitle nohdr #tab(*)
000060 end
****** **************************** bottom of data ****************************
        Natural Run-Time Error:  36

        Invalid move area

OK, I got a rather old Natural-Version (V 6.3.14 PL 0). Plus there is a simple Workaround using a for-loop. But my question is (just for interest): Is it reproduceable on a newer Version of Natural?



With Natural 8.3.3, 8.4.1, and 9.1.1 (all under Win10), there is no run-time error, but the report cuts of in the middle (vertically) of occurrence1820.

Thanks Ralph,

seems to be an Solaris/Linux-issue.
I got an old Nat 6.3.9 PL 0 @ WinServer 2003. No Crash there…


Does that mean it works? or, it produces an error message?

Would be interesting to know if a table (of each line) was overflowing or if the number of lines is the problem.

I played a bit converting 6094 and 1820 and (4*1820) to hex/binary to see if there were any numbers close to a typical table size (e.g. 8k) . No luck.