Can anyone help please? A program stows on one site but not on another. There is a difference between the two Natural versions (Unix platforms). We need somehow to get around this error to get it stowed - does anyone knows how to do this ? The editor does not indicate on which ME or PE the problem is and stands on the last line when the error is displayed.
NAT1006 Value specified for index is ‘0’ or greater than maximum.
The value specified for an index of a multiple-value field or a
periodic group is either greater than the maximum or less than 1.
For Adabas, VSAM and DL/I the maximum value for multiple-value
fields is 191 and for periodic groups 191.
For DDMs the maximum value for both multiple-value fields and
periodic groups is 9999.

I would start by commenting out Views, one at a time, then checking the program. Since 1006 is a compiler error, it should not take too long to find the offending View.

Actually, I would probably go through the ddm’s first, looking for the specifications there.