Natural 2006 bug discovered!!! Need advice!!!

Currently i’m using Natural 2006 (6.2.1 rev.3347) and encounter a major bug.

When i try creating a numeric field with decimal point in DDM, e.g. N6.6, the DDM editor will automatically change it to N6.0. Then if i try to change back the figure, the whole natural application will crash.

Even when i try editing the DDM in the SYS library that has decimal values (i just put my cursor into the editor), it will also change to N6.0 from N6.6.

Can anyone help me? Is there any update patch to download from? Any help is much appreciated.


anyone can help? pls urgent. thanks in advance.

i have no problems in 6.2.2 (HP-UX IA64), but actually it is not possible for me to check 6.2.1.

i suggest you upgrade to 6.2.2 …

I have tried it but on my side it works fine.
The field is defined in Adabas as U8, in the DDM I set it to N4.4. No problem. Another field in Adabas U6, I set it to N6.6, works also.

I use Nat 6.2.2. So I would recommend that you install the newest version. If it still does not work, contact Software AG support.

thanks guys.

what about adabas? i’m currently using adabas 3.1.1. could it be the reason?

anyway, i will contact SAG support for further help.


adabas? 99,9% not :-))

I believe this was a bug with 6.2.1 which was fixed by 6.2.2.

Note that the best place to report bugs is the local support centre so that they will get processed quickly - they should have known about this issue.