problem with decimal character

I have a lot of natural programms developed long ago on the mainframe system.
Now J try to use Natural One 8.3.4 in Software AG Designer 9.7 for writing and compiling.
But there is problem with data definition like that:
1 MY-NUMBER (N1,7)
Using “,” as decimal delimeter cause NAT0165 after checking.
J was try to change (DC) in Window->Preferences->Natural->Regional Settings - but this not working.

The same problem on Natural for Windows solved by changing (DC) in Natura Sessions Parameters.

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Please check the following parameters; IA, ID, CF and HI. None of these can be the same as DC.

My parameters:
CF is %
DC is ,
IA is =
ID is .
By default “.” = “,”. I change this.

Do you have a GLOBALS command that overrides DC ?


If you have create your project before your general changes (Window->Preferences->Natural->Regional Settings), you have to change DC parameter at the project level in your workspace (rigth clic - Properties->Natural->Regional Settings).

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J found the solution.
My Natural working on Linux server and J map this enviroment from Natural windows client.
So I had to change DC option in NATPARM on Linux server not in windows client.