Error Java Package 1.8 Fix 7 (W64)

I’m trying to update fixes by using UpdateManager on my personal computer (which is not the server where is deployed Integration Server and myWebMethodserver services).
I use my personnal computer for Service development and UI Development perspectives connecting in Integration server and myWebmethodServer server.
The fact is I can not install fix Java Package 1.8 Fix 7 (W64) Fixed and I don’t know why.
If I glance on the log file (in attached bellow), it is said the Java is locked by process (but the process in question is update manager process).
I don’t know how to solve this issue.

In attachment, my log file.
info.log (506 KB)

Hi Vital,

please try the following:

Install a separate UpdateManager and point it to the original installation where the Java Fix should be applied.

It might be worth to open a support incident with SAG Support for this.


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How can I install fixes from an Update Manager to another computer ?

How can install fixes from an Update manager to another computer ?

Hi Vital,

download the fixes to an image using UpdateManager.

Transfer this image to the other computer and start UpdateManager there.
Use “Install from Image” instead of “Install from Empower” to install the fixes from the image.

I am not sure if your current version already supports this but this will work beginning with 9.12:
Use Command Central to apply the fixes to the configured instances.
This should be possible remotely as well.


Ok I will test it tomorrow.

I keep u inform.

If it doesn’t work, I will need your support to open a ticket

Same behaviour,
Same error.
I don’t know how to open a SAG support

Ok, the message exact is :

Renaming of C:\SoftwareAG\jvm\jvm to C:\SoftwareAG\jvm\jvm0007.bck failed in Fix wMFix.SJP.Java64.W64,
Please stop all running processes in directory C:\SoftwareAG.
Please start the Update Manager in a separate directory.

Beside before installation, the fix appears in red with a readme.
The instruction of installation are in attached file.

I try to create a second updatemanager in my computer, create a fix image with the fix with the second updatemanager then install from image with the first updatemanager, that doesn’t work. I did the opposite, same behaviour.

fixInstruction.txt (1.48 KB)

Hi Vital,

Java Fix cannot be applied to the directory where the UpdateManager is running.
You will require two UpdateManager installations to apply the fix crosswise.

For opening an incident with SoftwareAG you will require the following:

  • Ability to login to
  • You need to registered as an “Authorized Technical Contact” (ATC) for you company.

In the Navigation of Empower you will find an entry labelled eService.
Using this link you are able to see the currently active incidents for your company and you will find a link to create a new incident.


Hi Holger,
Thanks to say me how to open a ticket.
But before that I want to be sure I do correct things and I have doubt about this.

  1. I installed 2 updatemanager.
  2. With updatemanager2 I downloaded the fix for java to an image
  3. With updatemanager1 I execute image I download.

Is it the good way to work ?

That’s work cool !
I didn’t see that we have a installation folder in updateManager sorry.
That’s work now