Error is :[POP.005.0006] This server node is not defined in the MWS cluster

Dear All, I have this problem in the MWS log out file after re-create my database with the DataBase Condigurator in my DV environment. In WM 8.0 and WM 7.1.2.
I´ll appreciated any solution, I didn’t find in the documentation.

Thanks in advance.

Folks! the problem was I was trying to star MWS 8 from Services pannel, when I try to start it from start menu MWS works fine!

Please applied below solution to the problematic environment.

  • Install a new server instance pointing to a new database
  • Run this command from the MWS/bin directory:
    mws.bat -s getconfig cluster.xml
  • This download the cluster.xml file to the <wm_dir>\MWS\server<instance_nbame>\config directory.
  • Modify cluster.xml and change the node name. You can get the node name from the file.
  • Publish the cluster.xml file back to the database:
    mws.bat -s putconfig cluster.xml
  • Delete cluster.xml from the config directory
  • start My webMethods Server
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