Entry Point Structure Diagram error


I’m receiving error messages when I’m trying to use the Entry Point Structure Diagram function.
It doesn’t occurs everytime. I think it occurs only if the tree is too big.

The messages are:

  1. RECCAL-N 5960 NAT1305 Numeric value truncated in move/assign operation.

  2. RECCAL-N 3310 NAT1316 Index not within array structure.

  3. This request has created too many nodes. Do you want to view data created?

Thanks for helping.


This ‘feature’ has been resolved with NEE541 SP1.

Basically, the picture (when you first see it) will only show one level, and then you click on the + to drill down further.

The benefit of this is that you get a quicker response when drawing the original tree structure and you overcome the 'too many nodes; problem.

The number of nodes is around 32,000, so the tree structure would be fairly meaningless with this many nodes.