NAT0903 - Storage overflow at execution time

hello;) i’cant login to my old account mun1ek, so i’ve created new one.

my problem is error 903: Storage overflow at execution time.
i get this error on line with FIND SOMEVIEW…

SOMEVIEW is to large or something ??

Possibly, Could you post SOMEVIEW? Do you have many large alpha variables, or arrays? how about DYNAMIC variables or X-arrays?


check your sizes - eg FSIZE, ESIZE - maybe they can be increased to accomodate your SOMEVIEW.

During program execution there are probably too many active loops caused by recursive calls.

Recently there was also the question what causes a NAT0903 on SAG-L:
Page down to “Natural generating a NAT0903”

Check also the archives of SAG-L for “NAT0903” by using the search function on the homepage.